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The aim of Tours2EastAfrica is to give tourist worldwide a unique experience as a Tour Operator all over East Africa. Everything must be perfect and to our customers satisfaction. From the wonderfull wildlife in the national parks, to cultural visits in local townships, Maasai boma or other local tríbes or even private visits.

Our vision is to be able to give back and help Maasai people in different ways like contribution to their schools, dispensary etc. If to our clients likings we will be able to arrange visits to local maasai schools and dispensaries and donations may be given directy to the people in need. This is true eco-tourisme at its best and this is the vision of Tours2EastAfrica.

Our commitment to giving back is expressed by giving 10% of our profits to SOS Family Day Care of Ngaramtoni. We are also official donors of Support for Indigenous Children. We partner with MICA in order to provide cultural- and aiding insight.

Tours2EastAfrica is a professional tour operator and if you as our client is not interested in cultural visits, donations for schools or other projects just tell us and we will make sure that will not be part of your tour.

We do operate independently, but we also serve as a local tour operator for International Travel Agents from different countries all over the world.
Tours2EastAfrica was founded in 2008, but we have multiple years of experience af a professional driver guide in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We also have a competitive staff of drivers associated as well as an operations clerk.

International Partners


Contact details: Bonus Kayumba,
21167 SW Galice LN # 302,
Portland or 97229,
Phone +1 503 734 6973


Contact details:
Meret Kaufmann,
Sales & Marketing Director,
Phone +49 152 170 416 45
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